Windows Development

Do you need a windows application for in-house use, or to deploy as commercial software? Will it be used on the local PC, or run via Windows Terminal Server/Citrix? Do you have a preference for WinForms or WPF (PRISM) based development? Is the database going to be local, Microsoft Access, SQL Server or some other toolkit?

Our experience allows us to build for any combination of these requirements.

We are experienced using third party toolkits from ComponentOne, Infragistics, Active Reports, and XlsGen. If you require other toolkits let us know.

Do you have an existing system that must be maintained using a specific version of Visual Studio? We have licenses and the experience to use all versions going back to Visual Studio 6 (before .NET).

We typically build new system using C# and .NET in Visual Studio 2013 or later, but we can also support older code bases as far back as Visual Basic 6 (or even earlier). We use Visual Studio 2013 to produce current Windows applications, including ones compliant with the Microsoft App Store.

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