Technical Analysis

Taking business requirements and turning them into technical specifications is the critical step in preparing estimates for any project, and ensuring there is complete understanding between all parties. This is where assumptions are tested and technical feasibility of the technologies requested are proven.

The rare occasions where a project stumbles for technology reasons can always be tracked back to not performing this step correctly, or thoroughly.

Key points which must be agreed upon before this phase include essential business requirements about: speed, size, transaction limits, bandwith, scalability or anything which you consider a make-or-break issue. This is because the Technical Analysis will make design decisions affecting such things, and something as simple as picking the wrong database, hardware, webhost, control toolkit...etc can have major implications if the wrong choice is made unknowingly.

We excel at this, in particular making sure that technical questions can be directed back to the client in the business terms they understand - not technospeak.

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