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SQL Server

Ok, its nothing special to say that we can build a database systems for you using SQL Server.

But we can offer expertise in all versions of SQL back to 2000 - so if you are still running a legacy system, we can work with it. We can also offer expertise in moving data to and from other data sources to SQL Server, moving data from server to server, including from a server on the internet to a local one and visa versa. We can automate operations for you, or leave them simply as scripts for your IT dept to run manually as required.

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Do you have a lot of data in some old legacy format that you need to migrate into the new system? We can help, both in working out the how, what, where and when, but also ensuring that the migration works correctly, first time and provide complete feedback on what data can’t be migrated because it fails integrity tests in the new system.

Do you need to routinely move data between the old and new systems? We can work with that as well.

Is your data in an old proprietary format, or maybe an Access database protected using passwords you no longer have? We can assist. Similarly if the data is in locked XLS files or other formats.

Do you want your application to work as a standalone (single PC) system, but automatically scale to handle a shared server when required?

Do you want your online system designed to protect against threats such as SQL injection attacks?

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