Microsoft Silverlight Development

Do you need an internet/browser based solution, but have to support it on a huge range of platforms, including older Internet Explorer 6 7 and 8 environments? In this case a Silverlight based solution might be right for you.

While discontinued, Silverlight will be supported through to 2022 (Microsoft has a 10 year product cycle), and remains the best options for systems that need a rich UI, but have to work on web platforms where HTML5 isn't available. We have extensive experience building Silverlight applications for business needs, including all aspects of the development from Server side data handling, WCF and web services, to MVVM best practices.

We have the tools to provide a very rich reporting experience with Silverlight - you show us a page layout that you need to reproduce, and we will build it!

We can also supply hosting services if required, including SQL Server/Access/MySQL databases, security (SSL) and support.

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