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Business Requirements Analysis

One of the most critical things we tell all our clients is not to hold back when requesting functionality for your system. Don't attempt to limit what you want, thinking (incorrectly) that it might be expensive or time consuming or just impossible - let us work that out for you - let us know what your dream is. Our clients are frequently surprised that something they thought was hard really isn't and is well within their budget. Similarly if what you want IS expensive, we can often find a partial (80:20) approach that will give you the important bits, and neatly leave out the portion that was the expensive hiccup.

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Our team has excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and have worked with clients in many different professions gathering & documenting business requirements. These include business change consultants, medical researchers, building contractors, medical professionals, HR, Primary Industry (mines, oil) & Government departments.

Documenting requirements in the language of the client is a crucial step in ensuring that there is complete understanding when developing a custom solution for anyone. This avoids the majority of classic project management goofs and frankly makes for great repeat business.

This is also the time to decide what kind of project management/development methodology will work best for your project.

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