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Report Development

Most reports built for databases tend to be boring things created using Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services. If your needs are straightforward we can do that, but if you want something fancy, if you need to reproduce an existing complex layout exactly, highlight data in an ad-hoc manner, or just have the report completely reformat itself on-the-fly based on the data and user requirements then we can build it.

The secret is a tool called ActiveReports. With it we can bind to any data source, or build reports based on unstructured data in any format and from any source (so long as we can read the file). Print previews can be shown in a Windows app, within a Flash, Silverlight or HTML5 viewer in a browser, or exported to several different formats including PDF (and of course sent to your printer, in colour or B&W). Reports can even emulate Excel style page scaling where it all zooms down to fit onto a single page, or is split across any number of pages, or reformats itself so you can print on A4, then Letter, then A3 paper if required.

We aren’t limited to just plain rows and columns of data either. Pre-printed Forms, Charts and graphs, drawing flowcharts, mixing up symbols, images and graphics is all possible.

Its also possible to use Microsoft Office as the reporting tool, even for a web system. Want your report to be printed out using Word, perhaps as a flow chart or data diagram in Visio, maybe a Powerpoint slide show, or a spreadsheet complete with formulae & charts?

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Bottom line: If you can draw a layout on paper for us, we can write a report that reproduces it.

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