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Project Management

Castle Software Australia can manage the entire software project lifecycle for you. We can handle the requirements analysis, produce technical specifications and fixed price estimates, write the code, build the database, deploy the system migrate your data, assist with testing and offer complete support afterwards.

But more than that, we will help you understand what it is we are doing, every step of the way. We can break a project down into phases to help get critical parts of a new system online as soon as possible, leaving other parts to be built later. If there are some parts of the project that you are still uncertain about (whether you can’t quite voice your needs, or you need to explore new ways of doing your business, or you just want to experiment with the user interfaces) then we can use prototyping or agile (iterative) project approaches to help pin down the solution that’s best for you.

Developing custom software is never a one-size-fits-all operation. Every project is different, and it should be - after all its your business and no on else’s.

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Look at the newspaper and read about large gov’t and private software projects suffering major cost blowouts. In virtually every case the problem will not have been a technology one, it will have been a failure to communicate effectively and a failure to follow basic project management principles at all levels of the team, from senior management down to the programmers. To that end, let us assure you that we understand how to mange a project - lets go over some of the basics now so you understand how we will proceed with you...

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