Integration with and using Microsoft Office

Would you like your application to output data into Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Visio?

More importantly, would you like your Staff to just open say Word, select a template and have the new document populated by live data from an existing (or new) system? Perhaps have Visio draw you a new diagram from scratch based on a database and your selections? Or, have Excel link to a third party API to process information (eg: validate a list of postal addresses using an AMAS certified product). Or do it all, in every Office product?

Integrating Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Visio with your own systems by writing templates, dedicated add-ins, wizards and various other techniques is a specialty of ours. We can produce these and provide full instructions for your IT dept on deployment, how to manage Office's security constraints, using code certificates, and even deploying add-ins commercially to the public. We can also ensure that your templates and add-ins work across a wide range of Office versions, from Office 97 to the latest Office 2016.

Tell us what you currently do manually in Office and we can help you automate it.

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