Legacy Browser Support

While increasingly rare, is it imperative that your project supports an older SOE (Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8), but still leaves wiggle room to be improved later without a complete rewrite?

We have the tools and knowledge to build and support web-based systems that will work on older environments/browsers, but still use the latest tools like ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, JQuery UI, Bootstrap, Angular, Knockout...etc. Build it properly, and only some parts of the client UI have to be altered if/when you decide to migrate to newer HTML 5 compliant systems.

Have you got an existing web system that needs enhancing and support? We can provide services by staff who understand how the older HTML/CSS or ASP/VBScript designs worked, and won't accidentally break it. We have our own test environments for the older version of Internet Explorer to ensure that your changes work exactly as required on your SOE.

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