We have extensive experience at all phases of software development which have been documented elsewhere on this site. If you have a specific development strategy that you want us to adhere to please let us know - it won't be a problem.

We create well documented applications that have distinct Dev, Test and Production cycles. Most of the systems we build are used by the general public in one form or another, and as such have had to be built to a higher standard of stability than typical in-house apps.

We have worked for businesses who need a Developer API (integration toolkits) to be designed & documented for their own products. This includes commercial add-ins and wizards for Microsoft Office.

Our long history with PC development goes as far back as MS-DOS systems (anyone remember what Clipper and dBase were?). As such we are ideally suited to help with projects that port from or rebuild old legacy systems, as we used to work on that stuff when it was considered new and sexy! We aren't fazed by the idosynchrasies of the old systems; we know how to move them to the new, and what questions have to be addressed along the way - BEFORE they become a problem.

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